aba kidsThe Talcott Center for Child Development has a comprehensive Autism Program that is growing alongside the needs of our children and families. Our Autism Program takes a holistic multidisciplinary approach to unlocking each child to their own potential and encompasses:

Children with Autism typically need support from many disciplines and we have a team that can provide that collaborative support.

Here, in our center, we help open each other’s eyes. If our Speech and Language Pathologist has a specific functional communication goal, we can help inspire that in the ABA session, then that goal is worked on across disciplines at a greater frequency. Moreover, if our ABA team is working on reducing a certain behavior, then the whole disciplinary team would work following that same behavior intervention plan.

We all see this child with different lenses within our discipline and therapeutic approach, when we can collaborate and link those lenses we begin to see the child in a vastly different way, much more comprehensively. Through our sight being developed, our interventions become more focused and able to affect great change.

We have interdisciplinary meetings to discuss the direction and progress of each case. This multidisciplinary communication, approach, and teamwork makes us very effective in our approach to autism.

Our mission is to empower parents to understand all of these lenses we develop in each other and help to develop these lenses within themselves. We realize that this is your journey and we need to equip you with the tools to empower you on this journey.

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