service pagePrior to initiating services at our center, you will spend time meeting with our clinical coordinator to review your child’s areas of concern, as well as your goals for treatment. This will allow us to collaboratively determine the best route to pursue for you and your child. Once a plan of action is determined, our clinicians will then spend time getting to know your child through meeting with our clinical coordinator, reviewing reports and files, consultation with caregivers and direct observation and assessment of your child.

Depending on the concerns presented, our clinician’s may conduct clinical observations or complete an in-depth evaluation consisting of standardized assessments. Completion of an initial assessment can take anywhere from 1.5 hours for a fine motor concern to 10 hours for ABA programming. Once the evaluation report is written up and finalized, an appointment will be scheduled between you and the evaluating therapist to review assessment results, discuss goals and outline a plan for treatment. While direct, 1:1 intervention may be recommended, your clinician may also suggest a small group pairing with a peer who presents with similar concerns or potentially a group program. Through close contact and communication with our case manager and the evaluating clinician(s), we will be able to develop an effective program for your child.

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