Early Childhood Play Based Social Group

Developmental Ages: 3-6

Throughout this group your child will work on exploring social relationships with their peers.

Focus will be on social language, reciprocal conversations, cooperative play, emotional regulation within a social context, and gross and fine motor skills. This group is facilitated by an Occupational Therapist and a Speech and Language Pathologist who will evaluate each child’s needs in relation to developmentally appropriate milestones.

The Incredible Flexible You Social Thinking Group

Developmental Ages: 4-7

The Incredible Flexible You Social Thinking Curriculum follows the storytelling of four friends through their social adventures. Through various settings that mirror the children’s own social experiences, children will be exposed to tools and skills to inspire their own social adventures. This curriculum will cover many social thinking concepts, from whole body listening to thinking of the group plan; your child will grow and develop alongside the story and adventures of these four friends.

Superflex Social Thinking Group 

Developmental Ages: 8-11

This group follows Michelle Garcia Winner’s Superflex®: A Superhero Social Thinking Curriculum. Superflex is a superhero, people have in their mind to help uncover strategies to defeat the unthinkables that might be stuck in their head. Through the comic books stories of Social Town, this group will help learners develop their awareness of their own thinking and social behaviors and learn strategies to help them develop self-regulation. Your child won’t want to miss the Superflex Superhero Training Academy!

Teen Social Skills Group

The Talcott Teen Social Skills Group follows The Science of Making Friends/PEERS curriculum, which is an evidence based model that takes the abstract nuances of social interactions and makes them more concrete and accessible to young adults that may have social challenges. The Talcott Teen Social Skills Group, is devoted to giving teens that experience difficulties in developing and maintaining relationships, new skills that will expand on their abilities to make friends. Parents will have the opportunity to take part in this process and help their teens succeed in making friends and building stronger relationships. Parents will be guided through a separate curriculum occurring at the end of each group that will give them the tools to be able to generalize these skills into their daily life. This parent training component will make our group outcomes much more functional and effective. This 16 week group will meet every Saturday from 10-12pm, the parent component will occur during the last 30-40 minutes of the group itself.

The Talcott Theater

The Talcott Theater allows children to engage in imaginative and dramatic play while putting on familiar story book plays, in addition to exploring other various types of artistic expression, such as music and dance. During this group, children will work on communication, fine and gross motor skills, building and strengthening attention and direction following within a cooperative group setting.

Each week the group will put together one familiar story book play from start to finish. This will entail reading, discussing, and mapping out a play with necessary characters, props and set.  Within each week there is room for elaboration and discussion on each play in regards to the relevance it takes to each of the children allowing their expression and creativity to blossom and flourish.

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