Adaptive Exercise Physical Therapy Group

Evidence has shown that regular physical activity provides important health benefits for children with disabilities. Some of the benefits shown are improvement in cardiovascular and muscle fitness, improved mental health, and an improvement in the ability to complete tasks of daily life. People with disabilities can find it more difficult to eat healthy, control their weight and be physically active. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) obesity rates for children with disabilities are approximately 38% higher when compared to their peers. 

Although there is a need for all children to be exposed to physical activity, unfortunately there are limited options for many of our children with disabilities. Many children require small group settings with direct focus by trained professionals who are aware of their condition and are able to modify and adapt activities for each individual child.

Here at the Talcott Center for Child Development we are excited to announce Adaptive Exercise! A 60-minute session run by a trained Physical Therapist and Occupational Therapist focused completely on exercise. Some of the things you could expect from this Adaptive Exercise PT Group, would be aerobic exercises, balance and coordination training, strengthening exercises, yoga and more! These small groups are designed specifically around the children in the group and will also provide ideas for your family to incorporate exercises into your home!

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