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At The Talcott Center for Child Development we strongly believe that each child deserves a place where they can feel free and open to be themselves and be seen for the unique individuals they are. We strive to provide an environment where your child can feel supported, believed in, and empowered.

The Talcott Center Social Skills Groups look to expand on your child’s current goals and objectives so they can be generalized with their peers in a structured social setting.

Most of the social skills groups for each age range follow a set social skills curriculum that focuses on building existing skills and developing confidence and adaptability within social relationships with their peers.

Groups are facilitated by a team of Occupational Therapists, Speech Language Pathologists and Behavioral Therapists. This multi-disciplinary approach allows each child to receive the support that is necessary for them to grow and flourish. Typically our group programs maintain a 3:1 client to clinician ratio. In addition, they must not have any significant behaviors that interfere with the safety of self and/or others (i.e., aggression, self-injurious behavior, elopement, etc. These individuals may be referred for Behavioral Support Services)

The Talcott Center for Child Development runs a variety of groups and specialized programs throughout the year that can be utilized as a standalone service, or as a supplement to individual therapy. Through a careful assessment of your child’s needs and concerns, our skilled clinicians can assist in recommending supplemental services to enhance their development. We require an intake meeting prior to joining a group or summer camp program to ensure that your child is placed appropriately.

Group offerings vary throughout the year, with new groups being developed based on the needs of our clients and families; please browse our website for more information or call our front office (860-674-1824) to stay updated on new group offerings and start dates.

Our programs include:

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